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Monday, December 8, 2008

Single in West Fargo: Speed Dating Tips

Short first dates that end within a few minutes time. What a concept! No wonder Speed Dating has caught on with busy singles all over the world. Speed Dating can be a valuable addition to your dating routine, but if the thought of sitting in front of a stranger for roughly eight minutes seems like an eternity to you, here are a few simple strategies to help you maneuver the experience.


* You don’t have to maintain a cheesy grin, but at least give the impression that you’re having a good time. If you show the person in front of you that you appreciate the opportunity to meet them, it will make them feel special and more willing to open up. An air of openness will go a long way with these events, because some folks will appear cranky, apprehensive, shy, or just plain tired. Make yourself stand out by projecting positive energy.

All Eyes Front and Center

* Give the person in front of you your full attention. Even if you just talked to someone great the turn before, forget about them for the time being and remember that you’re there to meet lots of people, not just one. So make sure each and every person seated before you knows you’re interested in finding out more about him or her. Don’t let your eyes drift to the person coming up or the one that just left.

Email Afterwards

* After you find out who expressed an interest in you, send a short email telling them you enjoyed meeting them. If you can remember what the two of you talked about, feel free to add a few tidbits about your conversation. But overall, keep the message short. Don’t send more than one email and don’t pester them if you don’t hear back. Your goal is to reiterate that you liked the person and let them know that you’d like to get together for a real date.

Set Up a Coffee Date at Starbucks in Fargo

* Just because you spent a few minutes with your love interest doesn’t mean you know them yet. So a short coffee date would be the appropriate route to find out a bit more. Speed Dating is the introduction; it doesn’t signify the rate at which you should take the rest of the dating process.

Keep the Right Attitude in Fargo

Remember – dating is fun. You get to meet lots of different people so make the most of it and enjoy your single life in West Fargo!


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