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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

West Fargo Singles: Here the questions to ask yourself.

How to say the right words

To estimate affection, ask yourself, does she try to be helpful?

Is she a good friend?

Does she respect you?

Does she make you feel like a man?

Does she try to show you appreciation with everything she does?

If your answer is no to the last question, then the problems lie elsewhere; but if the answer is yes, then you will let her go because she doesn't know how to say the words?

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Flash in Blog Plugins said...

People in the fargo moorhead area tend to be shy and not as willing to reach out. that does not mean that they are not interested in meeting you. Fargo is a different dating animal so be patient in fargo moorhead. There are a lot of sinle people that are looking for you. You'll find what you are looking for!

Flash in Blog Plugins said...

By the way I posted my phone number on this blog a few months ago and found the love of my life so feel free to take my advice. Put your name and few things that you enjoy and let it go.


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